now i listen

my wedding rings

a bit looser now
and 7 years later

the snow falls
while i watch my days
drift away


Published in now i listen (the cherita book 12)



Premier issue of #FemkuMag

Thrilled to have been a part of the premier issue of #FemkuMag – an online haiku journal dedicated to the work of women of all kinds


morning cartoons
I shake out
the last pill


no makeup
to cover these scars
naked lilies

pressed flower…

pressed flower
a memory I’ve forgotten
to remember


Delighted to appear for the first time in Frogpond – vol. 41:2, spring/summer 2018


In our living room is a large double window. The children often sit in front of it in the afternoon and play or read. After leaving my faith, I’ve only seen myself as brain and bones. Yet, when I watch them gleam in the sunlight I wonder if there may yet still be more.


anointing oil
the soft drip
of dew


Haibun Today – Volume 12, Number 2, June 2018

Good Enough

I begin to question whether I need organic water too.


playground stares
my daughter’s unkempt hair
flying free


Akitsu Quarterly – Summer 2018

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