my childhood…


my childhood yard was vast
and impeccable


christmas lights to the hilt,
spectacular easter egg hunts,
plenty of room for fireworks


with no other children on the block


a cherita terbalik in the cherita: a storybook journal – a taste of rain, issue 2:4


failed haiku – volume 3, issue 36


Delighted to have a senryu, 3 haibun, and one experimental haibun using cherita as the prose in the latest issue of Failed Haiku


still better
in my memory
first kiss



As Is

It’s been months since I’ve been alone. Truly alone. Lying on the hotel bed I want nothing more than to soak in my music and let thoughts that have been caged up for years come and lie with me.

remembering my ex




After several months of communicating only in French, the mother turned to me and in perfect English says, “could you watch the children so we can go Christmas shopping?”  I couldn’t have loved her more.

wheels down
all the streets



Three Years Later

i watch you, watching me

past journals



way of the river


in a drawl like the sun


she tells us where
to get the best crawfish


we don’t have
the heart to tell her
we’re vegetarians


unshaved legs
the furtive glance
of my grandmother


The Sum of Me


The Sum of Me


Shunned and disqualified from the pastorate, I held my diagnosis like a disease. My moods, infected by the devil, were a treacherous  battleground in need of salvation. However, I still choose medication over prayer, and my worth as a spiritual leader plummeted. Hope along with it. Nothing has paralleled that despair in my adult life. Not my divorce, not my postpartum ptsd, not even my hospitalization. So, for my safety, I hide my disbelief in a family full of believers.


coming out
I write a poem
for all to see


Under the Basho – Haibun Section – 2018

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