how a rose never loses
its thorns


Frogpond, vol. 41:3 – fall 2018


50th Anniversary – Haiku Society of America

2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the Haiku Society of America! I am honored to have a senryu in this year’s members’ anthology celebrating this occasion. The collection is titled Four Hundred and Two Snails. More information about the HSA can be found here


late night bottle
how our rocking
becomes a prayer


*previously published in Blithe Spirit

New Beginning

New Beginning


A waitress with bright red lips passes by our table. My daughter stares as she walks away and asks why her lips are red. My husband explains that just like how we paint our nails you can paint your lips too. Having not worn makeup in over a decade I wonder what other questions my daughter will have.


hope chest
my grandmother’s quilts
full of moth holes


ephemerae Volume 1, Issue 2

Scryptic Magazine 2.2

half moon
we discuss
my deficiencies



night vigil
her pulse monitor
the only star



blank wall
every crack



Nothing is Free

“Be Happy” admonishes the bumper sticker in front of me. I try. Hell as my witness, I try.


dinner party
my pill case




This is the last time I will hear my mother’s violin. Sold off to pay for medical bills, at least the family that has it now will play it.


end of the line
no more obligations
to cling to




a slip of the tongue

there was much
i didn’t know

but all bets are off
when it comes
to a honeymoon


          crimson lace
          no books
          to help me now



*this haibun involves using a cherita as the prose



Scryptic Magazine 2.2



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