New Resonance 11

Writing haiku began for me as a way to find an identity outside of motherhood as I felt lost and nameless. It has turned into a passion of mine and I am honored to be considered one of the emerging voices in English-language haiku in the anthology, New Resonance. Every two years a group of 17 poets are selected to join this community of prominent figures in the haiku world, and has been in existence for 22 years now.

For anyone out there who would be interested in a signed copy of New Resonance 11 please contact me here or through my email



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canyon wind…


canyon wind
the echo
of our lantern


winter’s passing
the note I write
and rewrite


seashores vol. 2 – April 2019

New Lipstick

new lipstick
choosing between Pelosi
and AOC


women’s day
all the flowers stand tall


in her absence
a whisper
of freesia


falling cherry
the silence
of survivors


a familiar murmur
from the nurses’ station


blood moon
I defend
my right to choose


*a rengay by Tia Haynes and Lori A Minor


#FemkuMag 10

last pregnancy…


last pregnancy
I wish
I’d known


swapping stories
I give her
the best mug


fool’s spring
the last time
it was the last time



back to back shifts


i never could keep up
with your demands


and as your hand
slid lower
i never stopped you



Temporarily Lost

I want to be so much more than a mother. But now I will always be a mother and it will never let me go.

open fields
the last note
held in static


#FemkuMag 10


Golden Haiku 2019


Delighted to be a Judges’ Pick this year in this years’ Golden Haiku Competition!

This haiku was selected along with a little over 100 others to be displayed in the Golden Triangle Business District of Washington D.C. throughout the months of March and April. There were 2,000 entries from 50 countries and 41 states with 3 winners, 2 honorable mentions, and dozens of Judges’ Picks.

Last year I was a judges’ pick as well as an honorable mention. (see post)


Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 1.49.51 PM

that time when i…


that time when i…


free to say
what I think
intercessory prayer


secret sin
the extra mile


the voice of god
becomes my own


at the cross
a nail
for every dream


anxiety medication
i deny
the Lord’s will


on who will last the longest
fasting seminar


lessons in purity
we get
what we deserve


gifts of the spirit
nothing else
to hold onto


digging deeper
into the Word
the last of me


Prune Juice – 10th Anniversary Edition

a hole in the light


Honored to appear in this year’s Red Moon Anthology of English-Lanuage Haiku, a hole in the light,  that collects the best haiku/senryu and related forms from the previous year. My contribution from #FemkuMag 1:


morning cartoons
I shake out
the last pill

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