2 Haibun in Scryptic

Thrilled to appear in Scryptic Magazine 1.4 with 2 haibun!


Homeward Bound

I overhear the character on my daughters cartoon show ask, “Do you know what’s in the box”? Well, do you know? It’s my broken spirit. My bubbling anger. My frustration over having a perpetually messy house, with no energy to fix it. It’s my fear that these years are slipping by without me soaking in all the precious moments because I’m up to my ears in a desire to run away. It’s my humiliation that this it not enough. It’s the unshakable belief that if I just tried harder these feeling would all go away. It’s the suspicion that I’m not alone. Yet, still, desperately alone.

spent dandelion
no more wishes
left to wish

All in a Day’s Work

I don’t recognize my own vagina. After two children, it’s as if a completely different woman exists between my legs. A woman who was disfigured by wordless strangers who only knew how to claw, tear, and then piss on her. A woman who fears too much touch. A woman who feels pain now when she craves pleasure. A woman who rarely raises her head to say hello and instead mumbles indiscriminately and gives up. A woman who has chronic dry mouth. Beaten and too ashamed to mention her trauma, a woman who has begun to brick herself off from the world in hopes that it never happens again.

Though, writing it out, it seems my vagina and I aren’t actually all that dissimilar.

tending to my garden
a new bud
among the weeds


between dreams…

between dreams
only me
and the darkness


fra i sogni
solo me
e l’oscurità


highway hypnosis
we let our differences


ipnosi avviata
lasciamo crescere
le nostre differenze


Delighted to appear in the new Incense Dreams – Issue 2.1!

*translations by Lucia Fontana

Lost at Sea

Lost at Sea 

What do I say? Have I read a book lately? When was the last time I listened to the news? Do I have yogurt on my shirt? Are my clothes too out of date? What shows are popular now? What movie are they are talking about? Do they think I’m boring? Am I boring? Am I bringing up the kids too much? Do I look awkward? When was the last time I plucked my eyebrows? What’s in my shoe? Is that a raisin in my shoe? I hope that’s a raisin in my shoe. Are the kids ok? Did they eat well? Did I pack their toothbrushes? Do they have enough diapers? Did they fall asleep at a decent hour? Wait a minute, what were we talking about? Did my husband notice I wasn’t paying attention? Was someone telling a joke? Am I a joke? Have I forgotten how to be anything other than a mother?

spinning top
how the colors
become one


This is my first published haibun! Delighted for it to appear in
Contemporary Haibun Online, Vol. 14 No.1 – April 2018

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