lost miracles

lost miracles   We weren’t trying to get pregnant. It wasn’t until the anatomy scan that we knew she would be alright despite the Lithium.   unexpected guest I sweep the dirt under the rug   Hours after birth they pull her off my breast. The medication we thought was safe, still isn’t.   freshContinue reading “lost miracles”

Frameless Sky – Issue 8

how you freckle in the sun La Grande Jatte     a fresh page i swirl the dregs of my espresso and memorize the plaza knowing that tomorrow this ends     at a Peruvian market i watched you bite into fresh pineapple you marveled and wondered why it couldn’t always be this way  Continue reading “Frameless Sky – Issue 8”

beyond the pale

beyond the pale   It was days after our daughter’s birth that we decided to leave. We set up an exit strategy that took months of careful negotiation to pull off. Explanations of theological differences were cited. Lies about being “called to the workforce and out of ministry” were given. Anything we could grab atContinue reading “beyond the pale”

present and accounted for

present and accounted for   Sitting in the nursery, reading all your current favorites, we sink deeply into one another. This moment,while your whole body still fits snugly into my lap, makes me almost forget. Your weight, your warmth, is a balm to my mind. I almost forget the pills I take three times aContinue reading “present and accounted for”


waiting   I watch the yolk break and run into the egg white. They don’t know that I’ve spent the morning fighting back tears of depression. I call out that breakfast will be ready soon and ask them what they want to drink. Watching the eggs bubble I wonder if I should have ever hadContinue reading “waiting”