3 cherita in “on a quiet street”

curled on the floor tears of anonymity pool in my lap softly so as to not wake you or the children your hair falls just so working on your puzzle in the afternoon light the remnants of this morning strewn around the apartment “life”, I say, “life” onto the page i unfold and refold creatingContinue reading “3 cherita in “on a quiet street””

incense dreams – birth, rebirth, awakening

daffodils . . . mother telling me it’s time – narcisi . . . mamma dicendomi che è l’ora morning prayer . . . my lips part with a little wish – preghier del mattino . . . le mie labbra esprimono un piccolo desiderio ripe pomegranates . . . mother becomes my name – melograniContinue reading “incense dreams – birth, rebirth, awakening”