Everyone else had left. We had packed up all we could not knowing when the bank would come and repossess the condo. Grimy from the months of disuse, your final home held nothing for me. The home we moved into after the divorce. The home I discovered how to smoke in. The home I had my own affair in. Now, standing at the bottom of the steps with a last sweeping look around, I whisper “did you ever love me?”


these worn shoes
still holding on


5 of 5 haibun in Scryptic Magazine Issue 2.1

incense dreams – birth, rebirth, awakening

daffodils . . .
mother telling me
it’s time

narcisi . . .
mamma dicendomi
che è l’ora

morning prayer
. . . my lips part
with a little wish

preghier del mattino
. . . le mie labbra esprimono
un piccolo desiderio

ripe pomegranates . . .
mother becomes
my name

melograni maturi . . .
mamma diventa
il mio nome

divorce papers
how I stride
with the sun

carte del divorzio
come cammino a grandi passi
con il sole

new nest
mother heron
meets my gaze

nuovo nido
mamma airone incontra
il mio sguardo

my baby’s last day
within me

luce stellare
l’ultimo giorno del mio bimbo
dentro di me

mother’s passing
how I found
my voice

mancando mamma
come trovo
la mia voce


Incense Dreams: Issue 2.2, June 2018 – Birth, Rebirth, Awakening

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