Utb – Modern Haiku 2018

wave crests how he stumbles through a memory   elderberry wine the first firefly in years   birdwatching… I never could remember our song   setting sun our conversation becomes one-sided   butterfly wings my daughter asks if I can fly   brushstrokes I hover between seasons   Under the Basho – Modern Haiku –Continue reading “Utb – Modern Haiku 2018”

The Sum of Me

  The Sum of Me   Shunned and disqualified from the pastorate, I held my diagnosis like a disease. My moods, infected by the devil, were a treacherous  battleground in need of salvation. However, I still choose medication over prayer, and my worth as a spiritual leader plummeted. Hope along with it. Nothing has paralleledContinue reading “The Sum of Me”


  AFTERLIFE   saying no what the holy spirit never taught me   wine glass my testimony becomes obsolete   bisexual undoing every prayer   hand-me-downs my sister and I trade religions   street preacher I count myself among the damned   make-up sex what would have been grace   stargazing what I thought wasContinue reading “Afterlife”