#FemkuMag – Issue 6


Honored to not only have two senryu in this month’s issue of #FemkuMag but also to be featured with my haibun “From Within”:


that pill
what once
was mine


her gray roots
begin to show



From Within

I grew up ashamed of my period. After all it’s the reason why women shouldn’t be CEOs, or presidents, or doctors. Right? Why we shouldn’t have any position of power. That it makes us unable to make strong decisions or handle crises. Right? And I’ve accepted that, that my own blood is a sign of weakness, not strength. That the very essence of my being is vile and less than. And that’s as it should be. Right?

broken poppy
how the petals
catch the wind

Human/Kind Journal – Inaugural Issue!

Delighted to appear in the first issue Human/Kind Journal with a senryu: 

death anniversary
I remember
the day after


and this haibun:


Immaterial Matters


Lots of children in the waiting room today. It’s been a year and there have been some subtle changes. No more game shows on the tv. Instead there is a loop of meditative music set to nature images. A couple more plaques under the doctor’s names. Some new photo books. Just enough to remind me that my children have grown and it’ll be another year before I’m back here again.


          turning gray I see myself in every mother


The nurse rattles off some questions. Any changes to your medical history? No. Any changes to your father’s health? Cancer. Your maternal grandmother still alive? No. Any concerns today? Yes. And she packs up and leaves. Business as usual.


          exam room smoothing out the paper gown creases


I stare at the wallpaper while I wait. During one prenatal appointment my husband pointed out how the design looks like rows of uteruses. It’s all I can see now.


          empty womb the distant cry of a hungry baby


My IUD has slipped and needs to be removed. The biggest question I face is who will watch the children.


          stay-at-home mom asking permission to take a shower


On my way home I joke about close calls with my friend who miscarried two months prior.


          between black and white a story in every shade


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