New Beginning

New Beginning


A waitress with bright red lips passes by our table. My daughter stares as she walks away and asks why her lips are red. My husband explains that just like how we paint our nails you can paint your lips too. Having not worn makeup in over a decade I wonder what other questions my daughter will have.


hope chest
my grandmother’s quilts
full of moth holes


ephemerae Volume 1, Issue 2


Pleased to be among the pages of the first edition of ephemerae (Volume 1, A – April 2018)!


sabbath day
the click clack of blocks
built and rebuilt



on an Arizona highway

my sister holds the phone
to your ear

i know i’ll never hear you,
feel you, smell you again
but I still beg for forgiveness



Hand in Hand

I’m eating lunch in the locker room. Again. Not even the teachers notice. My grades are good but not good enough. I’m not thin enough to be a ballerina. Not comfortable enough with creativity. Never attempted a sport.


white noise
the disappearing sound
of dreams


15 years later, my daughters and I are crawling around on the carpet. “Rroarr!” We are dinosaurs again. Soon we will be explorers searching for jungle animals. Maybe later we’ll play hide and seek or game of chase. Paint sticks, googly eyes and buttons will all make their way into the mix. Then books, snuggles, and tickle fights. All day we will sing and dance until there is no more contentment left to create.


a heartbeat away
the love I have
yet to have

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