failed haiku – volume 3, issue 36

  Delighted to have a senryu, 3 haibun, and one experimental haibun using cherita as the prose in the latest issue of Failed Haiku   still better in my memory first kiss     As Is It’s been months since I’ve been alone. Truly alone. Lying on the hotel bed I want nothing more thanContinue reading “failed haiku – volume 3, issue 36”


motherly advice she asks if I’ve tried quaaludes   new boyfriend I move down a number on her speed dial   wedding day my mother’s dress more low-cut than mine   another sex talk too weak to slit my wrists   new porsche her vanity plate misspelled   chemotherapy I learn the ways I’ve failedContinue reading “hindsight”

ad for my medication…

ad for my medication we do not share the same enthusiasm   daughter’s first birthday the loneliness of my womb   regrettable incident my foot falls into my mouth   home improvement he changes the channel   support group I never know where to put my hands   failed haiku: a journal of English SenryuContinue reading “ad for my medication…”

recurring theme…

recurring theme – my ex-lovers before waking   toddler bedtime hands-on with Sun Tzu   shift change refilling the pill box   one more anniversary same magazines in the waiting room   memorial service searching for meaning in the carpet   adding spice to our marriage – chili pepper chocolate   Failed Haiku: a journalContinue reading “recurring theme…”