his hand…


his hand where
my husband’s should be
office visit


pap smear
if only 
I was a boy


birth control denied


domestic abuse
taking the hit
like a girl


preacher’s wife
no choice
but to be a mother


#FemkuMag Issue 13


at first sight


at first sight


the love
I could never have


every sin
first date


engagement photos
only our feet


wedding night
I pretend
he’s my first


I perfect


finally winning
God’s approval
first pregnancy


pastor’s wife
my first name


our daughter’s smile
you tell me
you never believed


new haircut
my fundamentalism


all that’s left
the rings
we no longer wear


#FemkuMag Issue 11


New Lipstick

new lipstick
choosing between Pelosi
and AOC


women’s day
all the flowers stand tall


in her absence
a whisper
of freesia


falling cherry
the silence
of survivors


a familiar murmur
from the nurses’ station


blood moon
I defend
my right to choose


*a rengay by Tia Haynes and Lori A Minor


#FemkuMag 10

last pregnancy…


last pregnancy
I wish
I’d known


swapping stories
I give her
the best mug


fool’s spring
the last time
it was the last time



back to back shifts


i never could keep up
with your demands


and as your hand
slid lower
i never stopped you



Temporarily Lost

I want to be so much more than a mother. But now I will always be a mother and it will never let me go.

open fields
the last note
held in static


#FemkuMag 10


#FemkuMag – Issue 6


Honored to not only have two senryu in this month’s issue of #FemkuMag but also to be featured with my haibun “From Within”:


that pill
what once
was mine


her gray roots
begin to show



From Within

I grew up ashamed of my period. After all it’s the reason why women shouldn’t be CEOs, or presidents, or doctors. Right? Why we shouldn’t have any position of power. That it makes us unable to make strong decisions or handle crises. Right? And I’ve accepted that, that my own blood is a sign of weakness, not strength. That the very essence of my being is vile and less than. And that’s as it should be. Right?

broken poppy
how the petals
catch the wind

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