sunlight ebbs…

As I reflect on my grandmother’s life, I was reminded of this haiku that I wrote for Mother’s Day last year in remembrance of her daughter, my mother.


sunlight ebbs
through drifting clouds
I think of my mother


declina il sole
attraverso nuvole vaganti
penso a mi madre


*translated by Eufemia Griffo


Published on Memoire di una geisha on Mother’s Day 2017

Also published in the e-book Madre Mother

old mix tape…


This was written about a time when a chapter in my marriage ended and a new one began. Today it takes on new meaning as my grandmother died yesterday, peacefully at home, and was a musician and teacher for almost all of her 99 years. 


old mix tape
our first love song
our last


vecchia audiocassetta
la nostra prima canzone d’amore
la nostra ultima …

*Translation by Eufemia Griffo

Published on  Memoire di una geisha – 1/1/18

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