3 cherita in shadow dancer

in between riding a ferris wheel of diapers and housework i pull up my unwashed hair and write     two pregnancies later i stare at my own low hanging fruit wondering if i will ever be worth climbing again     as i turn to leave you call out “mommy, i’m scared!” i holdContinue reading “3 cherita in shadow dancer”

not a memory, exactly

on the metro with accordion music and my journal i blink away the sun’s afterglow realizing i no longer love him     delivered this morning the last pieces of you that I wanted neither to memorialize nor to reminisce they were simply pretty     the cherita: a storybook journal – not a memory,Continue reading “not a memory, exactly”

3 cherita in “on a quiet street”

curled on the floor tears of anonymity pool in my lap softly so as to not wake you or the children your hair falls just so working on your puzzle in the afternoon light the remnants of this morning strewn around the apartment “life”, I say, “life” onto the page i unfold and refold creatingContinue reading “3 cherita in “on a quiet street””