an owl…


an owl
only my children can hear
morning rush


Haiku Society of America’s Members’ Anthology 2019: A Moment’s Longing


enough just to see
the sunrise


parting word…
sunset unfurls
over an empty yard


into myself
ocean wave


Akitsu Quarterly – Fall 2019

Leftover Ribbon Now Available


It’s finally here! My first chapbook, Leftover Ribbon, is now available for purchase.

These poems tell my story of becoming and being a mother with the moments of beauty and sorrow it has brought, from birth trauma to bipolar disorder to potty training and sex after kids. It took a year and half for this book to see the light of day and I am ever grateful to Velvet Dusk Publishing for making it a reality. I hope you check it out and enjoy!


his hand…


his hand where
my husband’s should be
office visit


pap smear
if only 
I was a boy


birth control denied


domestic abuse
taking the hit
like a girl


preacher’s wife
no choice
but to be a mother


#FemkuMag Issue 13


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