Under the Covers


Under the Covers


you say we aren’t like
those other christians


one of the girls
purity ring


if not me
then someone else
pastor’s erection


the weight of his hand
as he pushes me down
Alpha and Omega


end times
all I need
to say yes



a stumbling block
for the pastor’s wife
my strapless dress


women’s retreat
not looking away
as we undress


hidden bruises
only my mouth needed
for the Eucharist


getting what
I deserve
cervical cancer


call for salvation
I raise my hand again
and again


Bleached Butterfly – Issue One





As our children are off running around the indoor playground we have sought refuge in, I disclose to my friend that I have never gardened before. With our new house and spring approaching I ask for some tips on what to do about all the empty beds in our backyard. After an appraising look she replies, “Don’t buy anything you can easily kill.”


couples counseling
we circle back
to the beginning

Human/Kind Journal Issue 1.5

at first sight


at first sight


the love
I could never have


every sin
first date


engagement photos
only our feet


wedding night
I pretend
he’s my first


I perfect


finally winning
God’s approval
first pregnancy


pastor’s wife
my first name


our daughter’s smile
you tell me
you never believed


new haircut
my fundamentalism


all that’s left
the rings
we no longer wear


#FemkuMag Issue 11


last pregnancy…


last pregnancy
I wish
I’d known


swapping stories
I give her
the best mug


fool’s spring
the last time
it was the last time



back to back shifts


i never could keep up
with your demands


and as your hand
slid lower
i never stopped you



Temporarily Lost

I want to be so much more than a mother. But now I will always be a mother and it will never let me go.

open fields
the last note
held in static


#FemkuMag 10