HSA Haibun Award 2019

  Humbled to have received an Honorable Mention in the Haiku Society of America’s Best Unpublished Haibun Award 2019   Unforgiven Water fades to cool on my neck as I wash away last night, last year, the last ten years. Turning off the faucet, I see the tattoo I’ve forgotten and remember there are placesContinue reading “HSA Haibun Award 2019”

#FemkuMag – Issue 6

  Honored to not only have two senryu in this month’s issue of #FemkuMag but also to be featured with my haibun “From Within”:   that pill what once was mine   retirement her gray roots begin to show     From Within I grew up ashamed of my period. After all it’s the reasonContinue reading “#FemkuMag – Issue 6”

Human/Kind Journal – Inaugural Issue!

Delighted to appear in the first issue Human/Kind Journal with a senryu:  death anniversary I remember the day after   and this haibun:   Immaterial Matters   Lots of children in the waiting room today. It’s been a year and there have been some subtle changes. No more game shows on the tv. Instead thereContinue reading “Human/Kind Journal – Inaugural Issue!”

failed haiku – volume 3, issue 36

  Delighted to have a senryu, 3 haibun, and one experimental haibun using cherita as the prose in the latest issue of Failed Haiku   still better in my memory first kiss     As Is It’s been months since I’ve been alone. Truly alone. Lying on the hotel bed I want nothing more thanContinue reading “failed haiku – volume 3, issue 36”

The Sum of Me

  The Sum of Me   Shunned and disqualified from the pastorate, I held my diagnosis like a disease. My moods, infected by the devil, were a treacherous  battleground in need of salvation. However, I still choose medication over prayer, and my worth as a spiritual leader plummeted. Hope along with it. Nothing has paralleledContinue reading “The Sum of Me”

Scryptic Magazine 2.2

half moon we discuss my deficiencies     night vigil her pulse monitor the only star     blank wall memorizing every crack     Nothing is Free “Be Happy” admonishes the bumper sticker in front of me. I try. Hell as my witness, I try.   dinner party unzipping my pill case    Continue reading “Scryptic Magazine 2.2”

lost miracles

lost miracles   We weren’t trying to get pregnant. It wasn’t until the anatomy scan that we knew she would be alright despite the Lithium.   unexpected guest I sweep the dirt under the rug   Hours after birth they pull her off my breast. The medication we thought was safe, still isn’t.   freshContinue reading “lost miracles”