Frameless Sky – Issue 9

  summer haze the birdbath in constant ripple   our vows… a breeze ripe with dogwood   water lilies how my daughter cups the sun     i remember being lead my hand on her shoulder her hand on his   my eyes opened to the secret forest   and i drew my first breathContinue reading “Frameless Sky – Issue 9”

failed haiku – volume 3, issue 36

  Delighted to have a senryu, 3 haibun, and one experimental haibun using cherita as the prose in the latest issue of Failed Haiku   still better in my memory first kiss     As Is It’s been months since I’ve been alone. Truly alone. Lying on the hotel bed I want nothing more thanContinue reading “failed haiku – volume 3, issue 36”

Utb – Modern Haiku 2018

wave crests how he stumbles through a memory   elderberry wine the first firefly in years   birdwatching… I never could remember our song   setting sun our conversation becomes one-sided   butterfly wings my daughter asks if I can fly   brushstrokes I hover between seasons   Under the Basho – Modern Haiku –Continue reading “Utb – Modern Haiku 2018”

not a memory, exactly

on the metro with accordion music and my journal i blink away the sun’s afterglow realizing i no longer love him     delivered this morning the last pieces of you that I wanted neither to memorialize nor to reminisce they were simply pretty     the cherita: a storybook journal – not a memory,Continue reading “not a memory, exactly”

incense dreams – birth, rebirth, awakening

daffodils . . . mother telling me it’s time – narcisi . . . mamma dicendomi che è l’ora morning prayer . . . my lips part with a little wish – preghier del mattino . . . le mie labbra esprimono un piccolo desiderio ripe pomegranates . . . mother becomes my name – melograniContinue reading “incense dreams – birth, rebirth, awakening”