Utb – Modern Haiku 2018

wave crests how he stumbles through a memory   elderberry wine the first firefly in years   birdwatching… I never could remember our song   setting sun our conversation becomes one-sided   butterfly wings my daughter asks if I can fly   brushstrokes I hover between seasons   Under the Basho – Modern Haiku –Continue reading “Utb – Modern Haiku 2018”

3 cherita in shadow dancer

in between riding a ferris wheel of diapers and housework i pull up my unwashed hair and write     two pregnancies later i stare at my own low hanging fruit wondering if i will ever be worth climbing again     as i turn to leave you call out “mommy, i’m scared!” i holdContinue reading “3 cherita in shadow dancer”

50th Anniversary – Haiku Society of America

2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the Haiku Society of America! I am honored to have a senryu in this year’s members’ anthology celebrating this occasion. The collection is titled Four Hundred and Two Snails. More information about the HSA can be found here.    late night bottle how our rocking becomes a prayer  Continue reading “50th Anniversary – Haiku Society of America”